About us

Fastbull association joins together three friends with a great passion for opensource software.

rodolfo boraso

Rodolfo Boraso works as project manager in a research laboratory, where he deals with GRID computing. Born in february 1967, he has a son and was once a tender master to a cute St Bernard dog.
Peculiarities: he claims he has got three spleens.


Roberto Bosticardo works as security manager and plays the guitar with the Arturo group. He is never in a good mood... he calls himself an expert about any subject... and no subject... He supports FreeBSD and MXB (Multi-Game Clan).
Peculiarities: a beard and his refined appearance; he is very concerned about aesthetics and dialectic.

enrico camarda

Enrico Camarda is very fond of UNIX operating systems, eats tons of vegetables and loves endurance sports.
Peculiarities: he never stops running.